Terms and Fees.   Budget Scope.

I work directly for client organizations, usually leaders or teams. I'll work with an agency on a project, but not as a subcontractor. I'm happy to pitch a job and then negotiate terms of engagement. I don't do competitive fixed-price bidding. I'm comfortable working within a negotiated budget framework as long as the scope of work is well defined and the framework can be amended to accommodate subsequent changes in work scope. This doesn't pertain to routine draft refinement but rather mid-stream decisions to change or enlarge project objectives, themes, or messages.

My fee is $150 per hour. This rate applies to meetings, necessary background reading and research, writing, editing, project management, and travel. If I front vendor costs for printing and other production services, I mark them up 15 percent. I submit invoices monthly and require payment within 30 days. 

With new clients, I prefer to work under a contract, letter of engagement, or purchase order. Jobs on a fast track or those with  large direct costs may require a negotiable advance.  

Project cost depends on scope of work. As a practical matter, I don't take on large, five- or six-figure projects any more. Budgets on shorter term projects often range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Vendor costs vary with production values and job size. Projects with higher production values in graphic design, photography, illustration, and printing cost more.

Production costs for business plans, proposals, and policy documents are typically much lower. I have strong formatting skills in Word, Excel, Publisher, and Adobe Acrobat. I routinely produce and prep documents for digital press runs, and handle printing arrangements. 

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