Policy Initiatives.   Sample Projects.

Helping clients build the case for public policy initiatives has been one of my core services the past two decades. Clients have included Oregon governors, state agency directors, city and county officials, presidential and gubernatorial commissions, and advocacy organizations. I've been involved in studies, proposals, and reports on such issues as economic development, K-12 education, higher education, forest management, and criminal justice.

From time to time, I also help clients with speeches and thought leadership articles on public issues. 


The Oregon Business Plan, since 2002, a joint effort by senior business and political leaders to create a new framework for economic development and specific initiatives to support it.

Recreation Lakes Study Commission, a presidential panel charged by Congress to recommend policy for the recreational use of more than 500 federally owned lakes created by impoundments.

Higher Education and the Oregon Economy, governor's task force on changes needed in Oregon higher education to support a healthy economy.

Oregon Benchmarks, original comprehensive indicators of progress toward the economic, social, and environmental goals in Oregon Shines.

Oregon Shines, the state's original strategic plan for building healthy communities and a strong economy.

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