Proposals.   Sample Projects.

A quality proposal pays dividends. It improves an organization's odds of winning a contract or award by showing that the applicant understands the need to be addressed and has a sound plan to do the job. It also enhances contract performance.

Over the years I've developed scores of successful federal and private foundation grant proposals, as well as proposals to help businesses win significant government and private sector contracts. I've counseled government agencies on the design of RFPs, and worked on foundation award criteria and grant performance metrics. I've also helped private sector clients develop model proposals to use as templates in recurring competition for business contracts.




Business Education Compact, proposal to secure foundation funding to promote proficiency-based education in Oregon schools

Parking Solutions, model proposal for this Ohio company to compete for institutional parking concessions in a number of Midwest states.

Employers for Education Excellence, program design and proposals to fund this business-led effort to improve K-12 education in Oregon, including a $28 million grant project to improve high school performance.

Doug Bean and Associates, model proposal to represent large tenants in leasing Class A urban office space.

Gresham Toyota, proposal to Hyundai for a Portland-area auto dealership franchise.

Broadway Transportation Company, proposal for a contract with Tri-Met to provide transportation to riders with special needs.

Warner-Amex Cable, proposal to win the East Multnomah County franchise for cable television services.