Give your key initiatives a clear advantage.

I help executives and project teams develop documents to advance key agendas. These include plans, proposals, policy papers, marketing media, thought leadership articles, and similar tools -- both on paper and online. I've been doing this more than five decades.

How does this support make a difference? Fluent writing gets better results. The process of building an argument or telling a story shapes ideas, strategic choices, and messages. An articulate case has more credibility, and it lends that credibility to the brand and mission it supports.

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John Svicarovich


Public Policy Projects: Policy papers and proposals, issue research, policy task force reports 

Business and Strategic Plans: Plans for startups, public-private ventures, corporations, public agencies, and nonprofits

Proposals: Major business contract pitches, government and foundation grant proposals

B2B Marketing Media: Collateral literature, product and service white papers, corporate identity pieces

Online Media: Website content development and maintenance


The Oregon Business Plan, annual Policy Playbook, white papers, proposals, and other communication media for this ongoing public policy forum, 2002 to the present

Oregon Community Foundation, with ECONorthwest, study of needs and opportunities in education philanthropy in Oregon

The Oregon Education Roundtable, grant proposals, research, and white papers on PreK-20 education improvement.

Dubai Silicon Oasis, a business and feasibility plan for a large-scale industrial park and a technology manufacturing sector in Dubai



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