Present Work: I'm engaged close to full time on the staff of the Oregon Business Council, where I handle writing and communication for OBC's public policy work. That includes development of policy documents, grant writing, maintenance of three websites, member and mailing list newsletter communication, and social media management. As opportunities come along, I handle projects for outside clients.

I've been doing this work since the 1970s. Initially I focused on program planning and grant writing. Then I expanded into marketing, business planning, and investor communications. In the mid '80s I began to work on statewide public policy projects. Since 1990 I've handled a mix of assignments for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. Many of my clients are in or near the Portland area, but I've worked all over the country and I welcome jobs in other places.

Early Career: My consulting career builds on prior experience, including five years of daily newspaper reporting and editing, first at The Oregonian in Portland, and then at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia. Between employment at those papers, I served in the U.S. Army as assistant public affairs officer at the Department of Defense Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk. When I returned to Portland I worked two years at the precursor to Education Northwest where I had responsibility for program development and grant writing. 

Community Service: Over the years I've served on boards and committees for a number of civic, charitable, and arts organizations, and consulted pro bono with others. I've also done communications work for both local and statewide political campaigns.

Education: I earned a BS degree in 1967 from what is now Western Oregon University. My real education has come from decades of client work and voluminous reading, supplemented by upper division, graduate, and technical courses in political science, literature, business finance, writing, art, and computer applications.

Personal Interests: Reading, golf, physical training, public affairs and political issues, home and garden projects.