The Work.

I write and produce documents or online media that organizations need to pursue particular agendas. This is an interactive process of gathering ideas from the group, putting them on the page, and then refining them through successive markup, discussion, and revision. This approach makes the group's work much easier, maintains client ownership of the message, and improves resulting communication tools and outcomes.


Elements of this service include:

  • Group process support, including consensus building on messages as well as mediation of differences on viewpoint and language

  • Background research, reading, and supplemental interviews

  • Draft development, version management, revision, and quality control

  • Formatting of the client message to particular applications

  • Creative collaboration with graphic designers, photographers, printers, website developers, and other professionals.

Value Added.

Breadth of experience: four decades of business communication consulting and project work

Savvy: a solid grasp of business challanges and public policy issues; familiarity with a range of industries and public agencies

Reader advocacy: an eye to the reader's needs in keeping the client message accessible

Superb writing skill: business voice that engages the audience, command of language that enhances credibility

Critical thinking skills: a willingness to challenge, clarify, and sharpen group ideas

Group process skills: listening, reading the room, paraphrasing for clarity, finding common ground on ideas and language

Creative resources: relationships with proven professionals

Hands-on project engagement: attention to detail and quality control.