Longer List, Public Policy Projects.

2009 ... Research and writing to make the case for taking proficiency-based education to statewide scale, E3: Employers for Education Excellence

2002 through 2008 ... The Oregon Business Plan, economic development framework for Oregon proposed by a coalition of senior business and political leaders, Oregon Business Council

2008 ... Research and production of white paper on promising high school instructional practices and the challenges of taking them to larger scale in Oregon, Oregon Business Council ... Editorial consulting, education vision policy paper, Leaders Roundtable

2005 ... Raising the Bar for PreK-20 Education in Oregon: Six White Papers. Author of three papers, editor of the series

2001 ... Policy proposals, Oregon Business Council

2000 ... Policy Playbook, legislative proposals, Oregon Business Council

1999 ... Reservoirs of Opportunity, report of the National Recreation Lakes Study Commission, a presidential panel

1997 ... Framework for Implementing K-12 School Transformation in Oregon, School Transformation Advisory Council (Governor's Office) ... Report of the Governor's Task Force on Higher Education and the Oregon Economy, Governor's Task Force

1996 ... Series of focus group reports on what Oregon companies need from Oregon’s K-12 and higher education systems, Oregon Business Council ... Policy proposal by a coalition of Oregon business associations recommending reforms in Oregon higher education, Oregon Business Council ... Report of the Governor’s Task Force on K-12 School Reform in Oregon

1995 ... Education reform policy workbook, Oregon Business Council

1994 ... The Oregon Option, proposal from the State of Oregon to the Clinton Administration to establish a demonstration project to improve intergovernmental service delivery ... 1995 Oregon Benchmarks, Oregon Progress Board ... Legacy and Promise, forest policy document for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute

1993 ... Oregon Values and Beliefs Study, Oregon Business Council ... Introductory case statement, Oregon's federal funding request in response to President Clinton's April 2, 1993, regional forest conference, Oregon Economic and Community Development Department ... Performance-Based Governance, policy report for the National Governors Association

1992 ... Concept paper for a nonprofit health care advocacy organization, state Sen. John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Business Council ... 1993 Oregon Benchmarks, Oregon Progress Board

1991 ... Portland Future Focus, strategic plan, City of Portland ... "Conversation With Oregon," concept/recruiting brochure, Gov. Barbara Roberts ... Planning proposal to implement a human resource strategy, Oregon Progress Board

1990 ... White paper on urban growth policies, Portland Development Commission ... Report of the Governor's Commission on Higher Education in the Portland Area ... 1991 Oregon Benchmarks, Oregon Progress Board

1989 ... Oregon Shines, 20-year strategic plan for Oregon, Gov. Neil Goldschmidt

1987 ... Regional economic strategies white paper for Gov. Neil Goldschmidt.